Another folding saw

We have previously featured what we believe may be A World War II saw and its canvas pouch. At Market Lavington Museum, we also have this leather pouch.

It also contains a two man saw. If the numbers on the reverse of the pouch constitute a date, then this saw is from 1915.

The pouch has loops so that it can be threaded onto a belt and worn to wherever it was needed for tree felling.

When the pouch is opened, we find a very sharp coiled saw and two wooden handles, which can be fitted into the rings at either end of the blade.

Extended, this saw is roughly a metre in length.

It was made in Sheffield by D.W.Orr and co.

There are obvious similarities between this and our military saw. We do not know whether they were just a useful design, made over many years, or if our canvas pouched saw was, in fact, made before our guess of WWII. (Comments by those in the know welcomed.)

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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