The vinegar bus

At Market Lavington Museum, we are very fortunate to have a Victorian pram, which was painstakingly restored, as far as possible, by Wiltshire County Council conservators in Salisbury. We will look at this process in more detail on another occasion. The pram hood is in very poor condition and too damaged to display with the pram. The body is quite robust, but the wheels are later replacements.

Here is the reason for that!

The pram had belonged to James and Annie Sarah Welch, grandparents of our museum founder, Peggy Gye. The pram had been used for James and Annie’s children, Dorothy and James. When the children were too big to need a pram, its body was stored in the loft of their home, Spring Villa, on Church Street in Market Lavington. The wheels, however, were given a new lease of life as part of a go kart!

Here is the Welch family with the go kart. Apparently, it was called a vinegar bus because the kart’s body was made from boxes used for delivering bottles of vinegar to local shops.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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