Dressing the mannequin

We have quite a lot of late Victorian and early 20th century clothing in Market Lavington Museum, so we change what the dummies are wearing each year, so that regular visitors can see different outfits over time.

One of our mannequins is a museum artefact in her own right, dating from the mid twentieth century as a display model in the shop at the crossroads, during Mrs McKinstry’s time there. You can see her varied attire in In the Museum – in 1987, I’m getting married – in 1906 and More Market Lavington Clothing.

Last week, she was standing, naked, waiting to be dressed for 2022. the plan was for her to wear a blue suit worn at a wedding in 1949. She is quite tricky to dress and needs to come apart at the waist to put on a skirt.

Whilst quite shapely, she is also a rather large lady, standing about 6 foot tall. Her upper section shows her to need OS (outsize) apparel.

We will try, and fail, to dress her for the 1949 wedding in our next blog entry.

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