Prices at the Co-op in 1975

When Britain changed to decimal currency in 1971, there were 100 pennies in the pound, instead of the 240 pence to the old imperial pound. That meant that a new penny was worth two and a half old pence. In order to have a coin for paying for low value items a tiny half penny coin was minted and remained in circulation until 1984.

So, when the Co-op in Market Lavington re-opened in 1975 as a self-service store, some of the prices where in whole and half pence.

As well as tempting shoppers back with a promise of double stamps, there were also money off coupons, some of which have been cut from our advert. The stamps were little blue loyalty stamps which you stuck in a book. When this was full, the book could be used to get money off your shopping in the Co-op.

The shop re-opened a month before Christmas and the back page encouraged people to stock up on alcohol for the festive season.

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