Fewer mod cons in the 1920s

At Market Lavington Museum, we are very grateful to those folk who have taken the time to write down their memories of life in times gone by.

One of those long time village inhabitants was Theresa Gale, who produced some writing for the Women’s Institute. See Theresa Gale remembers.

She grew up in Bromham but came to our village after she married. Life was not so convenient then. At the museum, we have artefacts and pictures that match with her memories.

We have the yoke used by village shoemaker and cobbler, Ken Mundy.

We do have a toilet roll, but newspaper would have been used in many of the outside privies.

‘And a candle to go to bed.’

‘And get up in the morning to light a fire and boil a kettle and get some warmth.’

‘What a blessing when we could buy a primus.’

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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