European fame for Lavington dolls’ houses

We have featured A locally made doll’s house before as the Market Lavington firm of toymakers are represented in our museum by a small Honeychurch Doll’s House. However, this was just one of A choice of doll’s houses available, as can be seen in some of the posters and catalogues we have from this firm. We have also shown A very special doll’s house, individually made for a client.

The doll’s houses were of high quality and, in 1982, some were put on display at a European show in Paris and Honeychurch Toys won a Golden Palm Leaf award for their houses.

In one of the museum’s scrapbooks of newscuttings, we have a photograph of one of the four dolls’ houses that won the award, along with Gil Honeychurch, her father in law and director Robin Brookes.

The article below, also from the Wiltshire Times of 19th February 1982, gives more information about the firm and the show.


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