Doan’s Dictionary again

Almost ten years ago, we posted a blog entry about our copy of Doan’s Dictionary and Almanack – 1903 and we’ll now take a look at some of the other pages. People were tempted to acquire this booklet by advertising it as a free dictionary. You just paid one halfpenny (a 480th of £1) for postage.

We feel you would have needed very good eyesight or a magnifying glass to read the dictionary’s tiny print.

In much larger print were the many pages about kidneys and their possible problems, which could be alleviated by purchasing the Doan’s products advertised in the booklet.

Quite apart from being able to compare the type of publications available today with those of bygone decades and centuries, we enjoy the illustrations in our period magazines, which often remind us of the fashions in clothing of the period.

At the end of our flip through the pages of this publication, donated by our museum founder, Peggy Gye, we reach the back cover!

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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