Bus adverts

In our previous blog entry, we looked at a Lavington and Devizes Motor Services timetable from the 1930s and may have spotted the little advertisement for Curry’s Motor Works in Devizes. At the time, this would just have brought the firm to the attention of the timetable owner and, no doubt, given a little boost to Fred Sayer’s bus company too. Modern viewers can also enjoy the picture of what we would now consider to be a vintage car.

Unfortunately, from the point of view of Market Lavington Museum, none of the adverts are for our very local businesses. However, we can still enjoy the drawings, such as that of shoes fashionable in the 1930s as seen in this advertisement for a shop in our county town of Trowbridge.

In our museum collection, we also have a return journey ticket from The bus company in Market Lavington.

It cost an adult passenger two shillings (one tenth of £1).

It also provided an advertisement opportunity, for a men’s clothing shop on the corner of the High Street in Devizes.


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