Changing road names

When we talk to people about various village locations, we tend to rely on being able to use the road names to explain where we mean. However, these do not always remain constant.

In this blog we have seen before that Drove Lane was previously known as Cemetery Lane, for an obvious reason. The Muddle, Market Lavington is also known as New Street. The typewritten book produced by our Women’s Institute, which featured in our previous blog entry High days and holidays refers to some more local rights of way, by names the present residents might not recognise.

The section about drinking troughs first mentions the one on Clyffe Hall Hill, sometimes known as the eye well.

However, it goes on to mention the one on Spin Hill at the bottom of the Goat Track. Locals nowadays call this steep and overgrown footpath The Goat Chute. It linked the end of the track at the top of Northbrook with Spin Hill below. But our excerpt explains that it used to be wide enough for a horse and cart to go down, so track was a relevant name.

The parish council were relieved when, in 2001, during the foot and mouth disease footpath closures, it became impassable due to brambles as it led walkers down to a dangerous bit of the Spin Hill road with no pavement. Spin Hill has not changed its name, but the WI described a quiet road where walkers could enjoy the wild flowers. We certainly would not recommend sauntering there now.

In our next blog entry, we will consider Common Road and some of the other local roads which have changed in name or nature.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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