More Market Lavington roads

In our previous blog entry, we saw a road named Common Road in the Women’s Institute book. It would appear to be part of what we now call Spin Hill, which was possibly a name just given to the steeper part of that road. The WI book tells us that

We learn that there was a pond here, now filled in. The council houses on Spin Hill were built in the 1930s.(Spin Hill itself is a name going back many centuries. It is mentioned as Spyneshull in a court document dating from the 1220s.)

The excerpt from the WI book also refers to Selfs Lane, another name which we may not recognise nowadays. Marked as a bridleway on modern maps,

Our final thoroughfare with an historic name is charmingly called Lovers’ Walk in the Women’s Institute book. As with Spin Hill, we wouldn’t recommend walking in the road there now.

We now know it as The Spring, with the Alban Estate of housing on one side dating from 1928.

At the museum we have a framed and an unframed picture of the Spring, which are enlarged versions of this postcard.

This image of a tree lined avenue does indeed look conducive to quiet strolling by courting couples.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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