Devizes Rural District Council Guide – 1960

This blog has already shared Devizes Rural District Council – 1967, looking at their guide, its references to Market Lavington and Easterton and the adverts for local firms. At Market Lavington Museum, we also have a copy of the guide from seven years before. It starts with advertisements and only introduces itself on page 5.

It gives brief descriptions of Easterton and Market Lavington, similar to those in the 1967 booklet, but some of the advertisements are different. Peter Francis, the photographer, advertised his business in both editions. In 1960, the food shop on Church Street was called Potter’s Stores and was run by the Prowses. Mrs Prowse was a Potter before she married.

The shop can be seen in this photo, which is not in the guide book.

Gye’s, the builders on White Street, Market Lavington are in the 1960 booklet. (Notice the phone numbers in both 1960 and 1967, when Lavington had its own telephone exchange.)

Kings, the decorators, are in the 1960 book too.

None of the firms advertising then operate in the village sixty years on.


Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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