Clem Bowyer & Son Ltd

Amongst our newspaper cuttings from 1986, we have this advertisement for Clem and Paul Bowyer’s agricultural contractors’ business. This was based on Drove Lane in Market Lavington, where many agricultural machines could be seen through the tall gates.

As we can see from their congratulations to farmers winning silage competitions, the Bowyers were involved in assisting at farms in local villages all around this part of mid Wiltshire – Rowde, Poulshot and Stanton St Bernard.

Clem has featured in some of our previous blogs. He spent most of his long adult life in the Market Lavington and Easterton area. See Contracting Means Expanding for some of his life history and information about his business.

Clem also contributed to the letters in the Wiltshire Gazette of 1987, with local folk trying to sort out which plane crashed when on the hill above Easterton and Eastcott.

See Mystery of wartime crash and Mystery of Easterton Hill crash revisited. for pictures and more information about these accidents.


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