A Victorian outing in 1988

Thanks to the wonderful collection of scrapbooks of news cuttings in Market Lavington Museum, we know that, in 1988, local school children had a practical experience of a Victorian Sunday School outing.

This article and the photos appeared in the Wiltshire Gazette on 24th March 1988.

The rules back in the early days of motorised transport restricted mechanically propelled vehicles such as a steam traction engine to 2 miles per hour and they had to be led by a man with a red flag. See one of our previous blogs (A speeding traction engine?) for a transcript of a court case where the accused was reported to have exceeded this limit whilst driving through Market Lavington. We also know that, in 1880, an 8 mile Sunday School trip To Devizes at 2 mph, via local villages, took 4 hours each way.

Our newspaper article informs us that Market Lavington photographers Peter and Bessie Francis, who had retired the previous year (see Peter and Bessie Francis retire) accompanied the school trip to Urchfont and that Peter, dressed appropriately for the era, took pictures on an 1882 mahogany and brass wholeplate camera.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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