The Grove Farm dig

Market Lavington, in central Wiltshire, has a very long history of habitation. A lot more evidence of this came to light when the farmland of Grove Farm was being excavated for the new roads and housing of what is now the Grove Farm estate. In 1990, the building work was paused for a while, whilst several weeks of archaeological digging took place and many finds were made.

Not being a professionally run museum with expert knowledge and specialist storage facilities, most of these did not come to our village museum, but we do have some artefacts, display notices and a detailed archaeological report.

Much of this has already featured in previous blogs (see The early history of Market Lavington, Wessex Archaeology at Work and Tha Girt Harchaeology). However, our scrapbooks of news cuttings also contain many articles about the dig, which caused significant interest at the time. We will share these in our next blog entries.


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