Grove Farm in the news

As we mentioned in our last blog entry, The Grove Farm dig, our archaeological finds caused much interest in and beyond the village and we have several newscuttings in our scrapbooks to remind us about this. Most of these are from 1990, but we do get an earlier inkling of an idea that Grove Farm, near the church in the centre of Market Lavington, was holding ancient secrets.

This short article, from The Wiltshire Gazette in November 1986, informed us that there were possible ancient human remains beneath the area being scalped for a road through the proposed Grove Farm housing estate.

The first of our main batch of articles on the dig, dates from 22nd July 1990 and has been cut out from The Sunday Telegraph. (In the picture, soil is being brushed off an Anglo-Saxon skull.)

At this stage, there was considerable alarm that building work would proceed before archaeological remains could be excavated.

By this stage, in 1990, it was already believed that a possible Roman villa had already been buried underneath a new road. However, exciting items had been uncovered.

By June 1990, Romano-British pottery was being found in the builders’ spoil tips and English Heritage provided money for a brief assessment of the site. By the time of this newspaper article, a 6th century Saxon burial site had also been found, dug into the floor of the Romano British villa and its outbuildings.

We will learn more about the archaeology at Grove Farm and its contribution to understanding Market Lavington’s history in subsequent blog posts.


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