Celebrating James Lye

In our previous blog entry, we featured the ornamental tankard won by the honourable Mrs Hay’s gardener, James Lye. Do follow the links in that blog to find out more about this fuchsia growing specialist and producer of a new potato variety.

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a display celebrating the life and work of this local resident.

We also have a few newspaper articles about him in our scrapbooks, some of which have been shared in the above mentioned blogs.

One more is a plea for fuchsia growers to check and see if they have any plants descended from the varieties he developed, which are not in the national collection.

This is said to have been cut out from The Times of 12.5.1999. This may have been The Wiltshire Times, rather than the national newspaper, but we have no proof.

At the museum we have free leaflets produced by Kristopher Harper, who holds the James Lye Fuchsia Collection. Do call in and pick one up if you are interested in fuchsias or able to contact Kristopher with any more information about James Lye or know of any survivors of his cultivars. Some of them bear the names of local residents, such as Annie Earle. Kristopher has visited the museum to view our Lye artefacts and to find the grave of James and his wife in St Mary’s Churchyard. (See Finding James Lye.)


Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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