A ribbed glass bottle

We have already looked at various items found under the floorboards at 21 Church Street, Market Lavington along with an item of Buried treasure – a livery button from the garden. Another object that was dug up there was this bottle.

Its screw top cap is missing and it had no label, so we don’t know anything about its age or contents. It does not appear to be particularly old. It has an elegant ribbed shape with an unribbed oval section, which may have been the location of a label.

Ribbed glass often indicated poisonous contents so, maybe, whatever it held was not for consumption. We have accessioned it into the museum’s collection and stored it in drawer 3E, along with other items found at the same address.

If you happen to recognise it and can give us any information about what it may have held, we would love to hear from you.


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