Costume jewellery

The donation of objects dug up in the garden of 21 Church Street in Market Lavington was of three items. We have already looked at Buried treasure – a livery button and our previous blog entry was about the ribbed and waisted bottle. The third thing was this item of costume jewellery.

It is not in good condition after its stay in the soil and we are not sure whether it was a brooch or a pendant as it has no fixings attached. It is a piece of black, faceted glass, which was framed by a patterned metal ring. This is detached from the glass and rusty. We do not know how old it is.

It has now joined the other items from this address, which were found under the floorboards of the building which, over the years, has been a family home and, at one time, the premises of Hopkins, the builders’ merchant’ s as seen in this postcard from 1914.

Just go to our site and type Hopkins in the search box for lots of items about this family firm.


Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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