Christmas crinoline

It’s early December and Christmas cards are being written and the first few are being delivered. At Market Lavington Museum, we have a small collection of Christmas cards with a local connection and these will be on display for our two winter openings on 27th December 2022 and 1st January 2023 (2-4pm).

We have received various items from the family of past residents, Bert and Florrie Shore, and these include a few cards that Florrie had saved. This is one of them.

We have not yet succeeded in dating the card. Flo died in 1994, so it must predate that. Bert died in 1985, but we do not know if the card was sent to one or both of them. Florrie has cut off the section where the message would have been.

Cards with ladies in crinoline dresses were quite popular in the 1950s. However, the ‘see through’ section is made of a non woven fabric, like Vilene interfacing, and we do not know when that became available. The card itself has no maker’s name, though it does say it was made in the USA.

Whatever the date, we are pleased to have this older style Christmas card at the museum as it has a local connection, being sent to and treasured by a local lady, who was born in our museum building.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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