Kytes Cottage, then and now

Our previous blog entry looked at 10, High Street, Market Lavington and saw that its appearance hadn’t changed to a very great extent over the last century, although its windows had been updated.

However, in the middle of January 2023, we see building work taking place. The rough casting on its front exterior has been removed, revealing a much older architectural character.

It is one of many grade two listed buildings in the village centre. The book about the history of Market Lavington (‘Village under the Plain’, available to purchase for £10 from the museum) contains information from the Historic Monument’s Commission’s report on the listed buildings. This tells us that it has ‘rough casting on timber framing on greensand lower walls’. For the first time in the photo history at the museum, we are able to see that timber framing.

We are told that the building dates from the 17th century and was originally a single storey with an attic, but was later raised to two storeys.

The side of the house, facing Chapel Lane, was untouched at the time of the photograph on 17.1.2023.

We await with interest to see how number 10 will look when the building work is completed.


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