Reference books

At Market Lavington Museum, we have lots of artefacts with a local connection in our rooms full of display cabinets and notice boards. We also have a variety of books about the village and matters of local interest. A recent donation has enabled us to add four more to this collection.

These books include chapters, pages or pictures about Market Lavington and neighbouring Easterton. These are in ‘Wiltshire Villages’ and ‘Devizes and Central Wiltshire’ books, whilst the ‘Newbury to Westbury’ book deals with local railway lines and includes the now closed Lavington Station. The large ‘Victoria History of Wiltshire’ contains many pages about our locality. This is an extremely expensive tome to purchase, so it is well worth using our museum copy for research.

Visitors to the museum are welcome to take the books from the shelves and carry them to a seat at a desk to have a good look through. Just handle them with care and return them to where you found them, please. Our bookshelves of accessioned and non accessioned books are in the corner of the upstairs living room.

The four recently acquired books await your attention here, alongside some oral history recordings. (Just ask a steward if you would like to listen to any of those.)


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