Black Dog

The Black Dog public house, which closed in 1900, was near the junction of the A 360 road (from Devizes towards Salisbury in Wiltshire) and the Broadway leading to Market Lavington. The area is still known to locals as the Black Dog crossroads. It is a notorious accident blackspot and features on numerous occasions in articles in the local newspaper. We have noted a probable accident there with a traction engine in The Railway Hotel and, sadly, there have been many more since then.

At the time of writing (in March 2023) the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald has published pictures of a protest sculpture made from wrecked cars and placed at the junction. No doubt this report will make its way into a museum scrapbook of local news cuttings.

However, we have a previous black animal item in our 2003 to 2005 scrapbook, which has nothing to do with the dangerous traffic conditions in the area. In fact, it features a sighting of a large black cat.


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