Paying King’s painters and decorators

For our 2023 opening season, we will have a display of artefacts connected to the painting and decorating trade. This will include items recently acquired from the King family’s former business at 80, High Street, Market Lavington. We have already featured An outdoor lamp and A glass carrier from this firm as well as the suggestions they received from ICI for a colour scheme for Decorating the Parish Room.

We have been given some of their headed paper items too.

The time sheet was obviously used in the 1960s, some sixty years ago. No doubt the workers or their foreman had to fill in the work they had done, where they did it and how many hours they worked.

The time sheets ran from Friday to Thursday. No doubt this was to enable the office staff to calculate the employees’ earnings in time to give them their weekly pay packet at the end of the week.


Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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