A recent donation of items from King’s, a past Market Lavingon decorating firm, included this wooden box.

So, what’s in the box?

Well, it’s a set of six wood combing rollers. Six tools of varying sizes with revolving metal discs.

But what were they used for? Fortunately, as well as the owner’s initials, HK, painted in the lid, there is a set of instructions, rather the worse for wear, but still legible.

The label informs us that they came from Hamilton & Co. We hoped to date these tools by finding out when this firm was operational but, as yet, have not come across that information. We do know that the Greek Street address (in Soho) now houses a restaurant and a jazz cocktail bar, whilst the Rose Street address is in Covent Garden.

Next time, we will look at some related tools and find out how and why they were used.


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