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Clyffe Hall Hill in 1908

August 6, 2013

Clyffe Hall Hill – almost flat if you are travelling in a car – leads up from Cornbury Bridge towards The Spring. Walkers and cyclists notice it is uphill as you go past Clyffe Hall on the right and then Lavington School on the left. Here we have an attractive hand tinted card.

Clyffe Hall Hill in Lavington, Wiltshire - 1908

Clyffe Hall Hill in Lavington, Wiltshire – 1908

Two boys lean over the parapet of Cornbury Bridge. The stream marks the parish boundary so our photographer is in West Lavington, the boys are right on the boundary and anything on the other side of the bridge is in Market Lavington. Clyffe Hall, unseen, is behind the trees and the road into Market Lavington climbs up the hill to the left.

It is tempting to say that the two boys are playing Pooh sticks, but the name, if not the game, had not been invented then. Winnie the Pooh was named after a real bear from Winnipeg in Canada, brought over by a Canadian soldier vet during World War 1 and after time on Salisbury Plain Winnie was given to London Zoo where one Christopher Robin Milne fell in love with it.


Note the Market Lavington post mark

This is a postcard which was posted in Market Lavington. The card was sent by Florrie – but Florrie who. We are fairly sure the recipient was Mrs Ellen Lambourn, married to John who was a jobbing gardener. Neither have any obvious connection to Lavington for Ellen was Somerset born and John hailed, originally, from Berkshire. But they had a daughter called Edith who would have been celebrating her 8th birthday when this card was sent in 1908.

The card, for once, is not published by Mr Burgess although he may well have taken the original picture.


Miss Hiscock in Winchester

May 6, 2013

Today we are looking at a card sent to a Miss Hiscock in Winchester. It isn’t the first time we have done such a thing, but this time the address on the card matches one we can find in the 1911 census so we know who this particular Miss Hiscock actually was.

Let’s start with the message side of the card.

Card sent to Miss A Hiscock - q cook in Winchester who was born and raised in Market Lavington

Card sent to Miss A Hiscock – a cook in Winchester who was born and raised in Market Lavington

We can see this card was posted in Oxford on March 27th 1908. The message is short and tells us little. We have to remember that the Edwardian postcard was very much the text message of the time. It appears to be confirming an arrangement for ‘Annie’ to meet Miss A Hiscock. But that address matters, for we can identify from it that this was Alice Mahala Hiscock, born in 1882 in Market Lavington.

Alice’s parents were James and Amelia Hiscock and they lived at the Easterton end of Market Lavington High Street. Market Lavington born James was a blacksmith/engineer. Alice lived all her childhood in Market Lavington and we guess she attended the village school. In 1901 she was described as a domestic servant but she was living with her parents.

For the 1911 census, Alice was the cook for John Shawcross, a clerk in Holy orders who lived at Kenley, Barnes Close, Winchester.

We believe Alice married Wilfrid Waters in 1914. She died in 1975 in the Trowbridge area of Wiltshire.

And now let’s see the front of the card.

This card shows the part of High Street, market Lavington where Alice lived as a girl

This card shows the part of High Street, Market Lavington where Alice lived as a girl

This would be a good choice, for we think the Hiscock family may have occupied one of the cottages on the right hand side of the road. It’s just possible that people in the picture are Hiscocks.