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A Huge Book

June 26, 2016
A huge Kelly's Directory, covering 4 counties

A huge Kelly’s Directory, covering 4 counties

Yes, this book is really huge. This is a Kelly’s directory for Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorsetshire and the Channel Islands.

This directory was for the year 1931

This directory was for the year 1931

The spine gives us the year – 1931.

Page ends - coloured and labelled

Page ends – coloured and labelled

The page ends are coloured and labelled to help find an area quickly.

Out of the couple of thousand pages it comes down to some 3 of them directly relevant to us.

image008 image009

Easterton spreads over a couple of sides and this is just the start. Kelly’s directories gave people in business a chance to have their name and business listed and that follows the brief information about the place.

There is the same for Market Lavington.


A previous owner has gone through the lists for his home village and crossed out various people no longer in occupation or business.

image012 image013 image014

Again there is more to follow.

This book will not be on display at the museum but is available for researchers to use. It certainly could be helpful to people whose families span several parishes within the counties listed. BUT it only names some people. Most ordinary workers do not get a mention.


Armistice Day Parade

January 16, 2016

Time was when Market Lavington Prize Silver Band was at the heart of many a village event and this is one of them. It’s an Armistice Day parade back in 1931.

Market Lavington Prize Silver Band in 1931

Market Lavington Prize Silver Band in 1931

The location is The Market Place with Northbrook heading off down the hill at back right. The band members, no doubt under the guidance of John Merritt, are leading a collection of medal wearing veterans, presumably from World War One.

The bass drum is of particular interest to us for we believe this is the drum we have in the museum.

We believe this is the drum on display in the museum

We believe this is the drum on display in the museum

Sad to say we don’t have the names of any band members, let alone the veterans. Can anybody out there help?





Alfie buys some land

September 28, 2015

There’s no doubt that Alfie Alexander was one of the characters in our part of the world. He had an uncanny ability to hobnob with the great and good whilst also being something of a radical in many ways. He was always on the lookout for ways to earn just that bit more and one thing he did was refuse removal from the village. Rumour had it that he used to dump the refuse on a patch of land he had ‘up at the sands’ so perhaps this document tells us where the land was.

Let’s take a look at a few details from this document.

Document showing Alfred Alexander owns land in 1931

Document showing Alfred Alexander owns land in 1931

We can see it is dated 1931 and is a document showing that Alfie had purchased a plot of land.

These legal documents do not lend themselves well to the blog format so we’ll show a bit and explain the rest.


This is far too small to read, but as ever, you can click on the image to open an enlarged version.

This tells us that Alfie actually bought this land in 1917 from a person called George Grant Stevenson. Alfie paid £425 for it.

The document lists other transfers of ownership before this date and financial arrangements from 1917 onwards.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the document is the little map, drawn out on tracing paper.

Map showing the location of the land

Map showing the location of the land

From this we see that Alfie acquired the parts shaded in pink. This area lines Ledge Hill near the junction with King’s Road and thus had good access.

It could have been the ideal place to dump rubbish and it might have pleased Alfie’s radical views that it was close by the Manor Gate House.