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Family History in a short news item

March 19, 2016

We think it was once believed that names in newspapers sold copies. Certainly, back in 1964, the local paper seemed to like to get as many names in as possible. This is a sad item about the death and funeral of Elsie Cooper. But it is also a grand resource for anyone studying Cooper genealogy.

1964 news item about Elsie Cooper's death and funeral

1964 news item about Elsie Cooper’s death and funeral

The brothers and sisters are all named, albeit mostly just with an initial. Some nephews and nieces are added and even great nephews and nieces. Elsie, herself, had no direct descendants.

We have met wheelchair bound Elsie before on this blog, along with her brother Stan (click here). We have also met Lawrie (click here). Harry has featured as well (click here). Frank Cooper crops up here (click here).

It’s this news cutting that links the family together. Thanks to Tessa for sending it.

Actually it came with a photo in an envelope which said ‘Elsie Cooper’ but the photo is not Elsie.

Nellie the dog?

Nellie the dog?

We think this could be a Cooper family dog from the 1930s called Nellie!


Funeral Expenses

February 4, 2016

It is always a little hard to talk of or write about death. But it remains the one certainty of life – that it will end with death. True, Benjamin Franklin added taxes as a certainty as well and we suppose that for humans in most parts of the world some kind of taxation is inevitable but really death remains the one absolute certainty.

Funerals are expensive. In October 2015 the BBC reported that the cost of a funeral had risen to £3700. If we compare that with the cost of a Market Lavington funeral in 1964, it does seem that costs have outstripped the value of money. Here is a bill for a funeral back in January 1964.

Funeral bill for Emily Letitae Pomeroy 1963/64

Funeral bill for Emily Letitae Pomeroy 1963/64

The funeral needs were provided by Gye’s the builders and carpenters who had been trading under the name of Tom Gye’s mother Mrs L E Gye. The job was done for £46 – 12 – 0. That recent figure of 3700 would pay for about 72 funerals at this 1964 price.

We have no further information about the deceased here – Emily Letitae Pomeroy.

Can you recognise this location?

June 4, 2015

There will be plenty of people who can recognise this point and, probably, even more that can’t.

This is the bottom of Spin Hill in 1964

This is the bottom of Spin Hill in 1964

The roads we see is at the bottom of Spin Hill and near the telegraph pole which we can see, there is now a mini roundabout. The trees on the left are in Canada Woods. Those on the right, which just about put the road in a tunnel of trees, are on the steep bank that leads up to Locksands. The bridge parapet we see in the foreground is over the Northbrook stream.

This picture dates from 1964 so is just over fifty years old.

The big change in the view was the creation of Canada Rise, with a new road thrusting its way between the trees on the left and rising up quite steeply. And of course an even newer road, Grove Road now veers off, through the green field to the left. The wall around the field has vanished although the bridge parapet is still there.

In the present day a collection of street lamps illuminate what is now a four way junction. It’s hard to remember that our country was still suffering from post-war austerity in 1964. Street lamps still came into the luxury class – we could do without them. Actually, some of us who love the night sky think we have far too many of them these days.