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Well well!

October 4, 2015

Back in 1996 the old Parish Room was demolished and the site cleared as part of developments at the nursing home on High Street. Strange things can be found under an early twentieth century hut like building. This strange item is a well.

Well unearthed during 1996 developments at the nursing home

Well unearthed during 1996 developments at the nursing home

The team of workers may not have been aware of that well when they had their digger precisely on the top of it. It is interesting, though, to see the construction of a well from the outside.

That doesn't look the safest place to be

That doesn’t look the safest place to be

The well is made of ordinary brick – probably Lavington made ones. If the finish looks a bit rough, then that’s not surprising since wells were constructed from the inside. This outside part was never seen when the well was in use.

We assume it has been safely capped by now.



The Nursing Home – Then and Now

May 2, 2015

Actually, our then photo is not from so very long ago. The Nursing home, in the old Vicarage building, was well established and in 1996 it was expanding. The old Parish Room had been demolished to improve the entrance and new accommodation was being built to cater for the needs of all sorts of elderly folk. In the summer of 1996 it was one big building site as seen in this photo.

Extensions being built at the nursing home in 1996

Extensions being built at the nursing home in 1996

The one person in the photo, in white shirt and tie, is presumably a site manager, checking the plans.

These days we might assume he was checking something on his smart phone, but such things, ubiquitous though they are now, were barely in use at all back then.

The former Vicarage is clearly visible and other buildings have that rather harsh look of brand new structures. But things soon mellow and eleven years on in 2007 we see a very similar view.

Nursing home in 2007

Nursing home in 2007

By then there was a neat and tidy entrance to the site. People are even less in evidence than they were in the building site photo but actually, the nursing home is quite a vibrant community and, as far as possible, very much part of our local community.




Easterton Fete

August 25, 2014

Today is the day of the Easterton Country Fair. We hope the weather will be OK, but sadly it may be a tad damp. But of course, the local folks will show up and make the best of the circumstances. We certainly hope to meet you there.

We’ll take a look at a fete some eighteen years ago. This one was in Market Lavington and featured a donkey cart to give people rides.

Market Lavington Church Fete in 1996

Market Lavington Church Fete in 1996


It looks as though that fete – on June 1st 1996 – was blessed with very good weather. The fete was at Clyffe Hall and that’s Dave driving the donkey hauled vehicle.

We can’t promise donkeys for Easterton 2014, but there will be something for everybody whatever the weather.


The end of the world is nigh

September 9, 2013

The date is April 1996 and the end of the world is nigh for the old Parish Room in Market Lavington. This village hall had served the community well for almost 90 years, but in truth it had limitations. Perhaps the worst, by then, was the lack of adequate parking. Events at village halls need equipment – probably brought by car. Attenders at events often prefer to arrive by car. There just wasn’t enough street parking available.

Apart from that the hall stood in the way of development at the nursing home. That’s one of the largest employers in the area so does much for the local economy.  They got the site and were able to expand.

It was a shame it took so many years for the new Community Hall to be built, but now we all wonder how we survived without this first class facility.

But let’s return to April 1966. Demolition of the old building is under way.

The old Market Lavington Parish Room under demol;ition in April 1996

The old Market Lavington Parish Room under demolition in April 1996

That was the rear of the hall. Yes, there was a little road round the back but if you drove in forwards, then reversing out was a nightmare – particularly if another car felt it could use the space as well. The tall chimney (which is upright really) is on Greystone House

Soon, this was a very similar view.

It's gone!

It’s gone!

The hall has been razed to the ground. The tall chimney and parts of Greystone House are more visible. We can also see buildings on the other side of High Street.  That’s number 38 with a roof light.

Many people regretted the passing of the old Parish Room, but there can surely be no doubt that the new Community Hall is a much better building.

You could visit it at 7.30pm on 14th September 2013 to see Rog, our curator, present this year’s Museum Miscellany.