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Knapp Farm Barns

August 24, 2015

A photo from seventeen years ago hardly seems like history to most of us. It’s little more than yesterday, you might think.

But back in August 1998 the barns at Knapp Farm were just that – barns and definitely looking a bit the worse for age, wear and tear.

Knapp Farm barns in 1998

Knapp Farm barns in 1998

OK, they looked rather derelict in truth. But the church might help people who don’t know the area well to locate these barns. They are at the bottom of Lavington Hill. It was back in march that we showed a photo of thatch being removed from the barn facing the camera in this view. It was replaced in the 1950s with rather less lovely corrugated sheets.

The tiles on the building on the left may not have been original but they are real clay tiles and some of us think they look truly lovely. They would seem to be of double Roman style and were almost certainly made locally.

The yard looks an utter mess!

Soon after the photo was taken, the buildings were converted into homes. The present day scene may have lost some charm but it does all look neat and tidy. For reasons not entirely clear to us the new homes were known as White Horse Barns


The 1998 Arts Trust event

April 22, 2015

We feel sure some of this event must stick in the memory for quite a few folks. We are not quite sure what Scalextric car racing has to do with the arts, but by heck this course looks magnificent.

participants in the 1998 Arts Trust event at The Green Dragon.

Participants in the 1998 Arts Trust event at The Green Dragon.

This event was held behind the Green Dragon where there was space for this grand four car circuit. As we can see, other stalls and events were taking place outside.

We are sorry to say we have not got any of the people here named. Can anybody help us with that?

The four competitors appear to be concentrating hard on their cars. The faces show determination. They surely enjoyed playing with such a grand set up.