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More Royal memorabilia

August 17, 2013

Many folks get caught up in the excitement that surrounds royal events. Perhaps they purchase items that later they regret just a tad. Is this a case in point?

Royal Commemorative plate at Market Lavington Museum

Royal commemorative plate at Market Lavington Museum

It’s a boxed plate commemorating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee which took place in 2002. It says it is a limited edition which might imply rarity or quality. In fact it was limited to ten days of firing which presumably means hundreds of thousands of these small plates were made. However, we are told that the plate was made…


Who ‘we’ the plate makers are, it doesn’t seem to say anywhere. But the makers thoughtfully provide a small plastic stand for display purposes.


The plate on its stand

This has arrived at Market Lavington Museum via a Market Lavington church fete. It arrived at the fete from a Canada Rise home. As we can see, it is a transfer printed item, actually, about saucer sized but we are delighted to have this piece of cheap memorabilia at the museum.

A Burial and a Key

March 12, 2013

This could almost class as archaeology. Those who have watched the TV programme Time Team will know the form. You open a trench and see what you find. Of course on Time Team a lot of preliminary work has been done and mostly they know what to expect. We are not sure what James Winchcombe, undertaker, expected when he was digging a grave in 2002 at St Mary’s, Market Lavington. This was in what gets called the old part of the graveyard and it was being re-used, so there presumably was a chance of finds.

Nothing ghoulish was found. In fact what appeared was a key – a pleasing, quite large key believed to be for a lockable chest and dating from the 19th century. After 100 plus years in the ground it was rusty.

19th century key found whilst grave digging in Market Lavington church yard

19th century key found whilst grave digging in Market Lavington church yard

If you happen to know anyone who might have lost this key – then tell them, ‘hard luck’. It is part of the Market Lavington Museum collection.

Incidentally, the person the grave was being prepared for, in 2002 was Mrs Margaret Marston, known as Betty. Margaret had been born as Margaret Beatrice Burt in 1922.

Ten Years Ago

December 2, 2012

Today we look back to a photo the curator found on his computer – a photo he took back in October of 2002.

Shires Close, Market Lavington under construction in 2002

This photo illustrates how times and places change. This photo was taken from the edge of the churchyard in Market Lavington. We can see a little of its metal railings. In the background we can see Strawberry Hill, behind West Lavington. And in between there are new houses being built. These are now Shires Close.

Back in the 1960s Mr Haines had built his garage on this site – The Spring Service Station which became Shires Garage. When that ceased trading the site was cleared, and eventually the new houses were built.. To people who remember the garage, it seems like but yesterday that the houses arrived, but the photo makes it clear that it was ten years ago.

And since then there have been further changes for we are looking across the Community Hall site. Now what a success that has been – a great addition to local facilities which has really helped to foster a sense of community in the area.

So here we have a misty view from five years ago – October 7th 2007 with the hall nearing completion. Yes, even the hall has now been there for five years.

Market Lavington Community Hall nears completion in October 2007

Behind the hall we can see the Shires Close housing – lived in by this time.

Market Lavington continues to be a growing and developing community. We are pleased to be part of this at Market Lavington Museum.