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Court Close Farm

March 5, 2016

Court Close Farm was once a part of the empire of the Williams family – who owned Easterton Manor. In fact Court Close Farm, at the bottom of Easterton’s White Street belonged to a Williams well into the 21st century. But when that last Williams sought accommodation more suited to an elderly chap the farm was auctioned. Quite a few items were given to the museum, and others offered, sadly too large for us to take.

The farm house and buildings were auctioned and are now in other hands and changes are being made. Now the buildings at Court Close weren’t what you’d call ancient or beautiful. But even ugly rusting corrugated iron buildings are surely worthy of recording.

Court Close Farm barns, Easterton in 2012

Court Close Farm barns, Easterton in 2012

It comes as no surprise that these barns are likely to be swept away. Would you want them in your back garden? They have served their purpose over the years and thankfully we have this photo taken in 2012. We will have a memory of how things were.

Three Post Office locations

February 24, 2015

When you move in to a place, be it village or town, you have a sense of timelessness. It seems that things are as they are and as they always have been. But this isn’t always the case. The Post Office in Market Lavington has been in many places and today we are going to look at three locations which all tell us they were (or are still) the Post Office.

The first one we look at was on the corner of the Market Place and High Street.

Market Lavington Post office - 1911

Market Lavington Post Office – 1911

The original postcard had been cropped to fit in a mount and frame and had suffered damage as well so it isn’t the best of photos but on the left we can see the building is labelled Post Office. The decorations allow us to date this photo to 1911. The street was decorated and bedecked with flags for the coronation of George V which took place on 22nd June of that year.

That Post Office occupied the plot which now has the chemist’s shop. It is not the same building. The one shown was demolished by the agricultural engineers to make parking space in about 1960. The building which houses the chemist’s shop dates from around 1990.

Alf Burgess, the photographer has managed, as usual, to bring forth a crowd of people, all hoping to be seen in the photo. We believe he spent some time organising them into apparently random groups.

Other points to note include the full width porch at the front of the Green Dragon – which had once been the posting house for Market Lavington itself and, of course, the fact that back in 1911 the street belonged to people rather than to vehicles.

Our next location for the Post Office is next to what is now Gemini hairdressers – almost on the corner of White Street.

Market Lavington P{ost Office - ca 1930

Market Lavington Post Office – ca 1930

We have used this photo before on this blog back in 2011. From what we know of the three young ladies – Clara Brown, Ella Ross and Mary Smith – we date the photo to about 1930. This shop which also advertises stationery, postcards and holdfast boots was a part of Arthur Walton’s department store.

Moving on just about 100 years from the first photo we have the Post Office of today and once again we have chosen an occasion celebrating a royal event – in this case the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Market Lavington Post Office - 2012

Market Lavington Post Office – 2012

This is an example of village life evolving and changing. Things certainly are not just what they used to be.



Jubilee Bunting

April 13, 2014

It is always good to receive items of art or craft produced by the many talented folks who live in Market Lavington and Easterton. We were recently given a triangular pennant, used as bunting as part of the W.I.’s Diamond Jubilee of the queen celebrations in 2012. The pennant, we believe, was used alongside similar items from other branches of the Women’s Institute at various get-togethers the association had.

Our pennant was made by Jeannie who is also prolific amongst the local quilters. It depicts an Easterton scene on one side.

Easterton depicted on a pennant made in 2012

Easterton depicted on a pennant made in 2012

What we see here is the village pump in Easterton.

The Market Lavington side shows the road up Lavington Hill leading to the vedette (the gate) on the edge of the military range with the red warning flag flying.

The road up Lavington Hill is on the other side of the pennant

The road up Lavington Hill is on the other side of the pennant

We’d like to thank the WI for this donation.

Bouverie Lodge – then and now

February 14, 2014


Two years ago the gate house to Market Lavington Manor, known as Bouverie Lodge, suffered a severe fire. The fire started as a freak fault in the owner’s car. Fortunately, there was no loss of life but the pretty little gatehouse was severely damaged. The much more modern ‘pod’ was almost untouched by the flames. The owners were able to find accommodation elsewhere and had the long wait for insurance claims and builders. I’m sorry to say things weren’t made any easier by thieves and vandals who did what these people do – stole things and damaged things for no purpose.

But eventually, the phoenix has risen from the ashes. Let’s take a look at what the original gate house looked like. This photo was taken in 1972.

Bouverie Lodge, Market Lavington in 1972

Bouverie Lodge, Market Lavington in 1972

This pre-dates ‘The Pod’ which was built on the far side of this charming little structure. The drive to the manor passes between the gate posts and on the left is the main road from Devizes entering the village.

Under wraps after the disastrous fire

Under wraps after the disastrous fire pf February 2012

Over the past couple of years, this is a site we got used to. Bouverie Lodge is under wraps whilst ‘The Pod’, linked to the older house by a ‘corridor’ is out in the open.

But now the home is rebuilt and made a better family home at the same time.

The phoenix has risen from the ashes - a photo in February 2014

The phoenix has risen from the ashes – a photo in February 2014

From this view – what you see from the road – the building looks much the same as ever. The window in the roof is bigger than the old one which probably makes the upstairs room seem brighter and more spacious.

The link between house and pod is much more generous than it used to be but by and large we have the same shape we always had. It is a job well done and we, at the museum, welcome the return of this 19th century little house.

Farewell 2012

December 31, 2012

2012 has been a mixed year at Market Lavington Museum. Let’s get the minus features out of the way first. Now we wouldn’t gripe about the Olympics and Paralympics, brilliantly organised and executed as they were, but they did impinge on visitor numbers, both real through the museum door visitors and virtual visitors to this blog.

Against that must be set the absolutely fantastic Jubilee weekend. This was again, wonderfully organised and executed, but this time on a local level. That weekend was a ‘best ever’ for visitor numbers at the museum.

Visitor cash donations were down on the previous year – probably as a result of the current economic climate.

But we had two very successful fund raisers – both now traditional. We braved uncertain weather for our friends’ party – and just got away with it. The Museum Miscellany played to another crowded hall. We remain solvent.

Donations of items remain first rate. One could almost say that photographs flood in with that Jubilee weekend being an occasion when folks sorted out their own photos of royal events past.  It has been another very good year.

Market lavington Coronation Band in 1937

Market Lavington Coronation Band in 1937

Here’s a beauty we haven’t looked at before. The Coronation Band on Parade in 1937. The venue is Market Lavington market Place.

Close up from above photo

Close up from above photo

What a glorious photo.

We must give a special thank you to the good people of Easterton. They have been particularly forthcoming when it comes to donations.

An easterton celebration - mor5e information needed - please

An Easterton celebration – more information needed – please

They do seem to find ways to enjoy themselves in Easterton.

So, it is goodbye to 2012. And the good easily outweighed the less good.