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December 12, 2014

Sulphur is a yellow substance – one of the element substances. It is sometimes known as brimstone. We have a bottle containing some at Market Lavington Museum.

Doctor Lush's sulphur bottle at Market Lavington Museum

Doctor Lush’s sulphur bottle at Market Lavington Museum

Here we see a glass jar with ground glass stopper and a label saying ‘sulphur sub’. Some of the yellow powder is within the jar. The jar was found in the attic of Doctor Lush’s old house. Doctor Lush retired from his role as local doctor in 1921 and had been very highly thought of. He’d have used the sulphur for the treatment of skin diseases or as a fumigant.

We have a blog about the good doctor. You can click here to see it.

As far as we know the ‘sub’ after the sulphur is short for sublimate. Our bottle is a good reminder of past medical practices.