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A very pretty hairbrush

May 28, 2013

Actually, this item was originally a combined brush and comb, but the comb is broken. Even so, we have a very pretty child’s hairbrush.

It probably wouldn’t be deemed correct these days for it is made, partly, of tortoiseshell.

A 19th century child's hairbrush at Market Lavington Museum

A 19th century child’s hairbrush at Market Lavington Museum

The decoration, though, is mother of pearl, sometimes known as nacre and this is believed to have originated in New Zealand. Mother of pearl is known for its iridescence and we can see many colours reflecting from this material.

This brush dates from the end of the nineteenth century. We’d like to think it made a well-to-do girl happy.

The brush is on display in the entrance room at Market Lavington Museum.