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Four young Gyes

September 13, 2014

It is not surprising that we have quite a lot of Gye memorabilia at Market Lavington Museum. The Gyes were a prominent local factory and would have had the interest, inclination and money to be involved, one way or another, with photography. There is a goodly collection of Gye photos going back well into the nineteenth century.

However, today’s charming family snapshot dates from the 1920s and shows a little collection of children.  They are four of the children of Joseph Edward Gye and his wife Ethel who lived on White Street and ran the many faceted building, carpentry, smithing etc. business from the area now known as Gye’s Old Yard.

The four youngsters are, Ena Gye at the back, Bessie Gye on the left, Sally Gye on the right and young Tom Gye astride the horse.

Four young Gyes of Market Lavington

Four young Gyes of Market Lavington

Tom was born in 1920 (and still lives on White Street) and that helps us to date the photo to around 1922.

The Gye family were well blessed with quality toys, no doubt made by dad or members of the work force. The wooden horse looks solid and dependable.

The scene around is very much of the era. Buckets were absolute household essentials. Gathering water from Broadwell would still have been a major task when the photo was taken. The bucket in shot looks to be enamelled which would be easy to keep clean for drinking water. Almost hidden alongside is a second bucket which may be galvanised and more suited to water not intended for human consumption.

The children, of course, look just as happy as the children of today although we doubt that modern children would look content in the boots and sandals that these young ones are wearing.