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A Burial and a Key

March 12, 2013

This could almost class as archaeology. Those who have watched the TV programme Time Team will know the form. You open a trench and see what you find. Of course on Time Team a lot of preliminary work has been done and mostly they know what to expect. We are not sure what James Winchcombe, undertaker, expected when he was digging a grave in 2002 at St Mary’s, Market Lavington. This was in what gets called the old part of the graveyard and it was being re-used, so there presumably was a chance of finds.

Nothing ghoulish was found. In fact what appeared was a key – a pleasing, quite large key believed to be for a lockable chest and dating from the 19th century. After 100 plus years in the ground it was rusty.

19th century key found whilst grave digging in Market Lavington church yard

19th century key found whilst grave digging in Market Lavington church yard

If you happen to know anyone who might have lost this key – then tell them, ‘hard luck’. It is part of the Market Lavington Museum collection.

Incidentally, the person the grave was being prepared for, in 2002 was Mrs Margaret Marston, known as Betty. Margaret had been born as Margaret Beatrice Burt in 1922.

Baptist Birth and Death Records.

January 27, 2011

Many people will be unaware that they have regularly visited the old Baptist Chapel in Market Lavington. Chapel Lane is the little footpath that leads from the High Street – almost opposite the Co-op – to The Clays. The Baptist Chapel has, for many a decade, been the fish and chip shop.

The Baptist Chapel - now the Fish and Chip shop

In the nineteenth century the chapel folk performed their own baptisms and also their own burials. The area behind the chapel turned fish and chip shop was the burial ground. We have copies of their registers in the museum.

Baptism records from the Baptist Chapel at Market Lavington

This list is hand written, but we can pick out common local names such as Oram, Sainsbury, Baker, Davis and Maslen – names still to be found in the village.

These records have been transcribed – here we show records of burials in the ground along Chapel Lane.

Transcribed Baptist burial records at Market Lavington Museum

To fit the scale of this blog vital information, like the year of the burial, has been missed here but even so, this makes for rather sad reading. Nine of the 15 burials with an age given were children under 5 and another was a workhouse resident.

The local names are, once again, well represented. These lists may well help genealogists locate a hard to find relative.