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A new item of clothing at the museum

February 5, 2015

We have quite an extensive collection of clothing and accessories at the museum but it is quite rare for new items of historic clothing to be given to us. This blog post is, in part,  an appeal for more – of the right kind.

But first the new item. It is a Victorian aged christening mantle and it belonged to the Williams family in Easterton and was certainly used as recently as the 1960s as well as in earlier times.

Victorian Christening mantle at Market Lavington Museum

Victorian christening mantle at Market Lavington Museum

This is a substantial item – big enough and heavy enough to keep a baby in place and warm enough. An overall view hides the detail.

Embroidered decoration on the mantle

Embroidered decoration on the mantle

The mantle is heavily and intricately embroidered with plant motifs. The member of the Williams family who passed this to the museum is an embroiderer by trade and he was able to assure us that this was machine embroidery.

The mantle is trimmed with lace.

Lace trimming

Lace trimming

This is also machine made.

So there we have a lovely addition to our museum.

And what kind of clothes might we like to have examples of at the museum? Well first and foremost they must have a real and definite link with Market Lavington or Easterton. We would value complete period outfits for adults and of course, the period could begin to be quite modern. We have nothing to truly represent the 1960s – and they were now 50 years ago. We can all be amused looking at those flared trousers of the 70s – in photographs. We have nothing from that era for real. Really it is clothing from the last 100 years that would fill gaps in our collection – but please don’t all rush at once.