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A bill and receipt from Mr Milsom

May 19, 2010

Market Lavington Museum has recently been given a quantity of bills from various Market Lavington companies. The bills all date from the middle years of the twentieth century. Amongst them is this one, issued by R Milsom, Motor Engineers. Mr Reginald Milsom has already featured in these pages.

1950 bill from R. Milsom of Market Lavington

It sounds like a bargain, costing just 10/9 (about 54p) to remove a cylinder head fit various items and restore all to good order. It probably was a bargain too. At today’s level, that 54p has become just over £40 and I doubt you’d get that work done for anything like that price nowadays.

The car mentioned on this receipt was an Austin 7. It happens that one of these features in our 2010 display about Homestead Farm. This one was bought for £50 .by the branch of the Gye family who lived at Homestead Farm on Drove Lane.

Betty Gye’s first car – an Austin 7 from a photo at Market Lavington Museum

Now that was expensive for a car, already a dozen or more years old.