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Late 19th century cart adverts

November 29, 2013

At Gye’s the builders they kept everything. When, eventually, the firm ceased trading some things which seem like oddities today came to the museum. These were adverts that had been kept, more than 100 years ago now, just in case.

This one takes the form of a four page leaflet. It was once part of a larger brochure.


So here we have an ad for a liquid manure or water cart – one which won a first prize silver medal at Amsterdam in 1884 and offered to you by Eddington Iron and Wagon Works of Hungerford.

Next we have a crank axle spring float.


Cottrell Rose and Co was the name of the company at the Eddington Iron Works in Hungerford.


They offered a special cart for street scrapings.


We’ll finish with the brewer’s cart.

This, perhaps, is the point to mention that Hungerford has a fantastic Virtual Museum at .

It is from this site that we can date our pages to 1897 for they show similar pages with that date.