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A Market Lavington Christmas card in 1922

December 25, 2013

A Happy Christmas to all our readers who celebrate this event – and here’s hoping all those that don’t celebrate have a really good day as well.

In the UK we have a long tradition of sending cards at Christmas and today we are going to look at a Market Lavington card from over 90 years ago. It takes the form of a standard postcard.

A Christmas Card from Market Lavington sent in 1922

A Christmas Card from Market Lavington sent in 1922

The card is one of those generic ones, over-stamped with ‘From Market Lavington’ and with a photograph stuck on. The photo is of a wintry scene – probably not in Market Lavington.

However, we assume a Market Lavington shop sold such cards and this one was posted in Market Lavington on 23rd December 1922.

A Market Lavington postmark for December 23rd 1922

A Market Lavington postmark for December 23rd 1922

The name Fericker seems not to be correct since nobody of that name actually seems to exist. Chapmanslade, where the card went, is between Westbury and Frome.

The message doesn’t say all that much and certainly seems very formal by today’s standards.

The message. 'Dear B' was wished a pleasant time.

The message. ‘Dear B’ was wished a pleasant time.

Miss Fericker appears to be ‘B’. Here’s hoping she did have a pleasant time and that the weather improved so that Uncle could get over to see her. Unless Uncle was a driver in 1922/23, he was not in for an easy journey. With one change of train he could get to Dilton Marsh – Chapmanslade was a part of that parish but it would still have been a three mile walk to Chapmanslade.

Of course, if anyone can identify who sender and recipient were, we’d be delighted to hear from them. That could be a little Christmas present to us at Market Lavington Museum.