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On the clay pit

October 12, 2015

A few days ago we featured Tom George who was born at the brickworks in 1920. His father was the manager there.

We have him again today, this time playing on a raft on the clay pit.

Tom George on a claypit raft in 1931

Tom George on a claypit raft in 1931

These days we hold up our hands in horror at the idea of kids playing on industrial sites. But Tom lived there and we are pleased to report he is still a fit man today.

The photo dates from 1931 and also shows Bert, Tom’s father and also his sister, Amy.

Tom's father and sister are watching on

Tom’s father and sister are watching on

We are assured the water was only 2 feet 6 inches deep.

What a lovely photo of life in what looks to have been a fairly carefree childhood.

The old clay pit

September 6, 2015

Many people, these days, will not realise that Market Lavington once had a brick works. Actually, buildings still survive from the old works and still find industrial and residential use down at Broadway. But the pit where clay was dug has vanished entirely, filled with refuse and then surfaced. If you know where Mike Garbutt keeps his lorries you have about the right place.

This was the scene after the brick works closed.

The old clay pit at Broadway, Market Lavington

The old clay pit at Broadway, Market Lavington

It looks like a peaceful, rural lake and is quite substantial in size. This was where clay was dug to make Lavington bricks.

In the background we can see the brick master’s house, built by William Box.

The brick master's house. It still stands

The brick master’s house. It still stands

And next to that the high roof behind the sheds still exists as well.

Former brick works buildings

Former brick works buildings

The photo dates from the 1950s