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John and Sarah Clelford

September 9, 2016

John and Sarah Clelford are buried in the Drove Lane cemetery in Market Lavington.

Grave of John and Sarah Clelford at Drove Lane Cemetery

Grave of John and Sarah Clelford at Drove Lane Cemetery

In loving memory of my dear husband John Clelford who passed away Novr 29th 1894 aged 48

He is not dead but sleeping

Nothing in my hand I bring

Simply to thy cross I cling

Also of Sarah his wife who fell asleep July 29th 1930 aged 85

At rest

John Clelford was born on 9th June 1846 and baptised at Market Lavington on 1st June 1851. His parents were George and Sarah Clelford.

(The family proved hard to trace due to enumerator errors and transcription errors but we believe the following is correct)

In 1851 the enumerator has given the family the surname Culford but four year old John (written Jn) lived in Easterton with labourer father George and mother Ann. John was the third of the four children at home.

In 1861 John was the scholar son of cordwainer George Clelford and his wife, Sarah. John was the second of four children and the entire family had been born in Easterton. The transcriber on the website we use has the surname as Melford.

Sarah Davis was born around 1845. She was probably the daughter of Richard and Ann. This family can be found on the 1851 census on White Street, Market Lavington where Richard was a labourer. Sarah Jane (as she was called) was the third of six children in the home but I speculate that the older two had a different mother.

In 1861 Sarah was still with her parents at The Hollow, White Street, Market Lavington. She had employment as a washerwoman.

John Clelford married Sarah Davis on 24th April 1869.

The 1871 census lists a John and Sarah Culver on Parsonage Lane in Market Lavington. John was an agricultural labourer aged 24 born in Easterton. Sarah, his wife was 26 and born Market Lavington. We think this is an enumerator error and these two are John and Sarah Clelford.

In 1881 John and Sarah lived on Windmill Lane, Market Lavington. John was a market gardener, aged 34 who had been born in Easterton. Sarah was 35 and had been born in Market Lavington. Ann Davis, aged 74 and a widow born in Easterton was listed as the step mother of John – a pauper. Also in the house was Rebecca Spiers, aged 8, a niece born in Cheverell.

In 1891 John and Sarah along with niece Rebecca Spiers were still on Windmill Lane in Market Lavington. To confuse things, the transcriber has given them the surname Clifford and also allocated the home to West Lavington.

John Clelford died in 1894.

In 1901 Sarah, a widow of no occupation lived alone on Northbrook, Market Lavington.

In 1902 Sarah married Thomas Spiers and they lived together in Easterton at the time of the 1911 census.

Thomas Spiers, a market gardener, died in 1923.

Sarah lived until she was 85. She died in 1930.



Sonny Clelford

June 9, 2014

Sonny Clelford seems to be well remembered in Easterton. People recall that he lived at Woodbine Cottage which had once been the home of Samuel Moore who set up the jam factory. Sonny had worked for ‘Plantation Jams’ which was once a name for Samuel Moore Foods.

We were recently given a photo of Sonny – not in Easterton but on a very crowded holiday beach.

Phyllis Bulmer (left) and Mr and Mrs Sonny Clelford. All lived in Easterton at some times in their lives.

Phyllis Bulmer (left) and Mr and Mrs Sonny Clelford. All lived in Easterton at some times in their lives.

Sonny is the rather large man in the centre. His aunt Phyllis is on the left in the photo and his wife on the right.

Sonny’s real name was Albert Edgar Clelford. And he was born in 1908. On the 1911 census he was living with grandparents Henry and Emily in Easterton. We are not certain which member of the Clelford family was his parent.

Sonny married Olive Irene Nash in 1932. Her roots appear to be in the Chirton/Marden area. We do not think the couple had any children.

In 1939 they lived on High Street in Easterton but by the 1950s they were at Woodbine Cottage.

Olive died in 1983 and Sonny in 1993.


‘Grandma Clelford’

May 30, 2014

Today we look at a photo which oozes charm. It is redolent of a past era when life was simpler.

Grandma Clelford of Easterton

Grandma Clelford of Easterton

Ignoring the lovely lady for a moment, we see the downspout from the gutter leading to a galvanised bath. Collecting rainwater was important. The bass broom leans against the wall. The crazy paving path looks spotless so perhaps the broom had just been used. Another galvanised bath is in use as a planter.

And now to Grandma Clelford herself. Her first name was Emily and she had been born in about 1859 in Market Lavington. She’d have been in her 70s when this photo was taken. She was born Emily Elizabeth Pinchen and was little more than a slip of a girl when she married Henry Clelford in 1876. Unfortunately, official records have Henry’s name as Culford which only goes to show you can’t always trust the records. Somebody, way back when, has failed to read Clelford properly!

Henry and Emily made their home in Easterton which was where the Clelfords came from.

The 1911 census tells us that Henry and Emily had been married for 35 years and had had 15 children – all still alive at that time.

Henry died in 1923 so this grand old lady was a widow when the photo was taken.

Our thanks to Jim of Wakefield for sending us this lovely picture.

Ducks in Easterton

May 10, 2014

Sometimes we get given a picture, quite unexpectedly and with quite a different tale to tell. So today we can bring you a picture of the stream in Easterton, by the pump, with quite a flock of waterfowl.

By Easterton pump in the 1930s

By Easterton pump in the 1930s

The ducks appear to be being led by a goose. Perhaps this collection belonged at Halstead Farm which is very close by.

But let’s now look at the people who are looking on. They are the Bulmer family and they lived in Yorkshire. But Mrs Bulmer, in the middle, had been Phyllis Gertrude Clelford and had been born in Easterton in 1900. She is the lady in the middle, with her children on either side.

Phyllis’s parents were Henry and Emily. Henry was a farm labourer and had been born in Easterton. Emily (née Pinchen) was a Market Lavington girl. Phyllis was the youngest of their eleven children.

Henry died in 1923 but we think Emily lived until 1938 so no doubt this picture, which we date at mid 1930s, was on a visit to see her.

Phyllis would have known this stream well. One of her early jobs was washing out jam jars in the stream for Samuel Moore’s factory which is very close by (or rather was, for the buildings have just been demolished). Phyllis had also been a scullery maid at Easterton manor and she also did washing. She charged one halfpenny per item, whether it was a handkerchief or sheet.

What lovely information and we’d like to thank her son, the small boy in the photo for sending us this information and a number of photos.