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A trip down Memory Lane

December 26, 2015

Remembering the past at the Millennium

The year 1999, which most of us regard as the last year of the 20th century, now seems a long time ago. People now at school won’t remember the paranoia about the ‘millennium bug’ when we were warned that planes might fall out of the sky as computer systems failed. In the event, none of it happened. Life went on as normal.

But of course events took place to mark the passing of the millennium and one of them was organised by Trinity Church in Market Lavington. At least we think it was in 1999 but we are not 100% certain so maybe a past performer can put us right. What was recently given to the museum was a program for the event. As is often the case with programmes – it has a date but not a year. Here’s the front cover.


So we know this event took place on Saturday 26th June. There were two Saturdays the 26th June in the 1990s and one was indeed 1999. The programme will give a clue as to why we think this dates from 1999.


This is the first part of the programme with pieces from the 1920s through to the 1950s. The second part continues and takes us up to the 1990s.


For us, this is even more of a trip down memory lane as we see names of people no longer with us and others whose lives have moved them away from the Lavington area.

Now here’s a very early mention of a trip down memory lane next year. Our annual Museum Miscellany has been booked for Saturday 8th October 2016 at 7.30pm in the Community Hall. You could jot it in your brand new diary now.

Here is the news – for 1936

January 12, 2014


We have a number of old newspapers at the museum – kept for ages by locals for some reason of interest and then passed on to the museum. This is one of them – The Wiltshire Gazette for Thursday 23rd January 1936.

Amongst articles in it we have this one.



We’ll skip the first couple of bits although, of course, the passing of a King was sad news, and move on to ‘Appropriate’. Here’s the transcription.

One of the artistes at a Market Lavington entertainment in aid of the Devizes and District Hospital extension fund was actually born in the hospital, while the little programme seller who was chosen to select a prize winner from the purchasers of programmes has been a patient there. The entertainment was held in the Market Lavington parish room, the arrangements having been made by the local hospital committee. The programme was provided through the good offices of Mr and Mrs Shephard of Easterton who made themselves responsible for the actual items. The proceedings opened with a balloon dance by the Misses R Clark, J Cooper, H and M Shephard and subsequently the same performers were seen in national dances with songs. Others contributing to the entertainment were Miss C Draper (songs), Mr W Harding of Erchfont (songs), The Misses M Harding and Joy Shephard (dialogue), Mr E Plank (monologue), Mr Crocker of Erchfont (songs), Mrs J Shephard (recitation), Miss Little and Mr S Sainsbury (“Darby and Joan”). Taking part in a diverting little sketch were Messrs W Austin, R Maule and J Shephard. There was a grand finale in the form of a well mixed variety turn by Mr and Mrs J Sheppard, and during this the winner of the programme prize was selected, the lucky holder being Mrs E Potter. The prize was given by Mr Jack Hill. Miss Milsom and two little girls dressed as nurses (little Miss Blake and Miss Dulcie Clark) were responsible for the sale of programmes and in this direction thanks are due to Mr Wilfred Moore for printing the programmes free. In fact a notable feature of the whole entertainment was the absence of overhead expense, and the unselfish work of the organisers was well rewarded when it became known that by their efforts £11 7s was available for the Hospital extension fund. At the close of the evening Mr G H Pike briefly thanked everyone whose work or support had contributed to the success of the concert.  The useful sum raised has been forwarded to the Hospital through Mr Robert Gauntlet and a grateful letter of thanks has been received by the organisers.

We had better add that our museum is wonderful, lovely and a great resource, but if you want to see a full range of local papers then we are NOT the place. You’ll need to head up to the Wiltshire and Swindon History centre in Chippenham

The Concert Party – about 1918

June 13, 2012

It is often delightful to see the way people found amusement in times past. Here we look back to about 1918. Even BBC Radio was in the future, let alone TV or all the modern electronic entertainment devices. Rich households may have had a gramophone or phonograph but otherwise entertainment was what you made for yourself – alone or with friends.

Putting on shows has always appealed to children and today we bring you the cast of such a show – just captioned ‘The Concert Party’.

The Concert Party – a group of children in Market Lavington in about 1918

This is another of those well-captioned photos – we know the names of the people.

In the back row we have Doris Baker, Ivy Trotter, Edna Mills, Jack Potter and Rose Ingram.

In the middle row, there is Ted Oram, Stella Robins, Mabel Coleman and Mrs Witchurch.

The front five are Lily Buckland, Rose Matthews, Teddy Matthews, Eric James and Ena Gye.

The youngest of the children would now be aged about 100 but there will be plenty of people who could tell us more about them. Do get in touch if you can.

Congregational Church Concert Group

December 22, 2010

It may be coming up to Christmas but today we’ll remind ourselves of summer days when people were out and about and enjoying themselves with a concert group.

This photo dates from about 1942 and shows a concert group put together by the Congregational Church in Market Lavington. This photo was a gift to the museum from Mrs Baker who gave us a copy back in 1999. Mrs Baker has done well naming the people on the photo but some names are missing. The photo dates from wartime, so men are conspicuous by their rarity in the photo.

Congregational Church Concert Group in about 1942 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

The church minister’s wife stands left at the back with the bunch of flowers. Then we have Beryl Baker, Jean Potter, Lily Baker, ? Jackson, Janet Burt, Eileen Perrett, unknown, June Baker, unknown, unknown and Mrs Gibbons.

We do not know the names of the youthful sailor and his bride in the middle row.

Can you identify the young sailor and his bride?

The front row has unknown, Pat Hobbs and Marion Phillips sitting on the ground.

Pat Hobbs with a familiar cheery smile

Market Lavington residents may recognise the cheery smile worn by Pat Hobbs, for it is still seen at village events, taking a full and active part in the life of the area. In fact, Pat, may well be the very person to name those other people in the photo or tell us what the concert party performed.

Or maybe a reader of the blog could help. Do contact the curator if you can help.