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A Kitchen Range

February 21, 2012

Whilst writing about the Baptism of Edward Doubleday Francis and his baptism, a piece of history was coming to light at his former home – the butcher’s shop in Market Lavington.

It seems there was a damp problem in a back room (well away from the produce on sale) and a decision was made to remove a wall to investigate it. Bricked up behind the wall was an old kitchen range. Malc, a museum board member with an office nearby was on the scene to record this item before it was despatched to the scrapyard.

The wall is removed and a built in range – definitely the worse for age and damp – comes into view.

An old kitchen range is discovered behind the butchers shop on High Street, Market Lavington in February 2012

Later, with more brickwork removed,  we can see just what the range was like.

The range may now have gone, but thanks to Malc's smart work we have a photographic record at Market Lavington Museum

To use the modern parlance, the left hand cavity is quite a substantial oven, occupying almost half of the range. Then comes the actual fire area with doors that can be opened or shut. On the right there is a water tank and tap – for heating water. Doors and some of the top are missing. No makers name could be found.

We know little about ranges. Our own range, in the museum, is older than this one. We believe this dates from after 1880 and may well be twentieth century. Perhaps it was installed when Mr Eldin was the butcher.

Maybe yesterday’s blog person, Edward Doubleday Francis, knew this range. And maybe somebody out in blog land can tell us more about the range.