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All change

March 24, 2015

No, this is nothing to do with asking all passengers to alight from a bus. It just shows a part of Market Lavington which looks entirely different now, from when the photo was taken. We believe that was in 1967 – some 48 years ago.

The Market Place - 1967

The Market Place – 1967

We are looking at a corner of the Market Place. It is the corner closest to the Co-op shop. Back then the village centre phone box was in the Market Place. It got moved to the crossroads and is still there but probably gets very little use now. The end building was in the throes of demolition when the photo was taken. That included the gable end and tall chimney we see. At least the remainder of that building survives as the Co-op, now the only grocery store in Market Lavington and Easterton.


The end of the world is nigh

September 9, 2013

The date is April 1996 and the end of the world is nigh for the old Parish Room in Market Lavington. This village hall had served the community well for almost 90 years, but in truth it had limitations. Perhaps the worst, by then, was the lack of adequate parking. Events at village halls need equipment – probably brought by car. Attenders at events often prefer to arrive by car. There just wasn’t enough street parking available.

Apart from that the hall stood in the way of development at the nursing home. That’s one of the largest employers in the area so does much for the local economy.  They got the site and were able to expand.

It was a shame it took so many years for the new Community Hall to be built, but now we all wonder how we survived without this first class facility.

But let’s return to April 1966. Demolition of the old building is under way.

The old Market Lavington Parish Room under demol;ition in April 1996

The old Market Lavington Parish Room under demolition in April 1996

That was the rear of the hall. Yes, there was a little road round the back but if you drove in forwards, then reversing out was a nightmare – particularly if another car felt it could use the space as well. The tall chimney (which is upright really) is on Greystone House

Soon, this was a very similar view.

It's gone!

It’s gone!

The hall has been razed to the ground. The tall chimney and parts of Greystone House are more visible. We can also see buildings on the other side of High Street.  That’s number 38 with a roof light.

Many people regretted the passing of the old Parish Room, but there can surely be no doubt that the new Community Hall is a much better building.

You could visit it at 7.30pm on 14th September 2013 to see Rog, our curator, present this year’s Museum Miscellany.

The end for Grove Farm’s chimney

August 16, 2013

Gosh, how ‘health and safety’ seems to have changed the way people work. Surely this would not be deemed to be a safe working practice these days. And yet this was not all that many years ago. What we see today are a couple of workmen demolishing the chimney as Grove Farm House was demolished.

The end of the chimney stack at Grove Farm, Market Lavington

The end for the chimney stack at Grove Farm, Market Lavington

Our two chaps are perched precariously in the bucket of a digger. There are clearly no hard hats or safety harnesses. It is not clear to us whether the bucket is being used to push the chimney over or if the men in the bucket are doing hand work on the stack.

In the background we can see Lavington Hill.

This interesting capture of a moment in time was given to the museum, some ten years ago by a Mrs Williams of Stourport on Severn.

We’d be delighted to hear more from her. Perhaps she has other tales or images of our area.

Demolition next to the Co-op

April 18, 2011

We have seen, before, the Market Place as it was before 1960. Here we see a transitional image.

Demolishing the building next to the Co-op in the 1960s - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

New housing has replaced the former maltings, derelict housing and the fire station which had formerly occupied the area behind the telephone box.

The telephone box itself has now gone – moved to Lamb Corner, the crossroads by the Post Office.

And here we see the building next to the Co-op under demolition in the early 1960s. It still remains a vacant plot.

Chatting by demolition rubble - no safety barriers in those days

Two local men are having a chat. Maybe somebody will recognise them.

The Woodland Yard Arch

February 20, 2011
Recently, this blog has looked at the area around Market Lavington’s Market Place on a number of occasions. Today we look at the entrance to Woodland Yard, actually off High Street but facing on to the market area.

Woodland Yard is the area which now has industrial and commercial units. Until about 1960, the yard was entered via a carriage arch which had a room above it. We think that a photo used earlier on the blog was taken from the room above the arch.

At about the time that the Market Place was redeveloped, the agricultural engineers in the village, Wordley’s, decided to remove the arch and the room above to improve access to the yard which they used, at the time. Agricultural implements, like combine harvesters were getting bigger and those giants of their day could not be moved underneath the arch. So the arch went.

This photo, taken in 1960, shows the arch as demolition began.

Demolition begins on the carriage arch at Woodland Yard in 1960 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

The scaffolding is up and men are working on removing ridge tiles from the top of the roof. The whole building was taken out, including the upstairs and downstairs rooms on the right. Beyond that is the building which, for many years was a hardware shop. In the 19th century, this had belonged to the Baker family and later to the Phillips family. More recently, the Bulsons and then the Hulls ran the shop. It is now a private house.

A member of the Baker family sketched their shop and the Woodland Yard Arch – we don’t have a date for the sketch.

A sketch of the former hardware shop and the Woodland Yard arch

To the left of the arch is the butcher’s shop which, at that time was being run by Mr Pike.  This has been a butcher’s shop for 2 centuries and we are delighted to say that it still is.

Saint James’ Square

February 6, 2011

The Market Place area of Market Lavington is one of the most changed in the village. This map view gives an idea of what it was like at the end of the nineteenth century.

Late 19th century map showing the Market Place at Market Lavington

The Market takes centre stage in this map. On the right of the market was the Post Office in a row of Tudor buildings, now, mostly demolished. At the back (just above the word ‘MARKET’ was the doctor’s house which was demolished quite early in the 20th century. On the left, by the letter P was a small square of houses known as St James’ Square. The square has featured before on these pages – celebrating the 1935 Silver Jubilee and also remembered as the home of an evacuee in World War II.

The old Market Place was completely altered in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and then again around 1990, when Rochelle Court was built. The modern aerial view of the Market Place is significantly different from the old map view.

Modern aerial view of the Market Place

St James’ Square has entirely vanished. It went in about 1958.

Pictures show the old square during demolition.

St James' Square being demolished in 1958 - photos at Market Lavington Museum

We’d love to hear from people who have memories of St James’ Square. Do contact our curator.