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Pages from a Gillman’s Devizes Directory

July 12, 2016

Our wonderful president keeps his eyes open and he found these pages on sale in a Devizes Market. The seller had suggested the directory dated from the 1890s. We think it dates from the Edwardian era. It has information about Easterton.

image002This, as is usual with directories, is not a full list of people but shows those in trade as well as the parish councillors. We can but wonder what a marine store dealer sold in Eastcott!

There is similar information for Market Lavington, stretching over two pages.


It is the presence of Charles Awdry as Lord of the Manor which tells us this is the 1900s. He bought the manor estate in 1902.


A useful addition to our stock of genealogy helps and it does include other local villages from Allington to Worton.

A 1911 Directory

November 7, 2012

Directories of all kinds have been produced in the past. Kelly’s directories contained a brief description of each parish followed by a list of ‘private residents’ which, in practice meant the great and the wealthy and then the commercial residents with a description of the nature of their business. The workers – dare one say it – the working classes,  don’t get a mention.

However, such directories were produced more often than the 10 yearly censuses were carried out so they can provide vital information for genealogists..

At Market Lavington Museum we have some whole directories of this type and many copies of the page or so in directories relevant to Market Lavington. This one dates from a census year, 1911.

Let’s start with the village description. Prepare yourself for a good read.

 Now to the listed residents which are split over two pages in the original directory. These have been uploaded at a slightly larger size than normal so will be readable if you click on the picture.

A 1966 Directory

January 23, 2011

At the same time as we were given a 1954 local area directory, we were also given a 1966 one. Once again, this came from the Williams household in Easterton.

1966 Devizes and District Directory, now at Market Lavington Museum

Times had moved on since the earlier, but very similar 1954 directory. That was produced by the Wiltshire Gazette. This one is Fletcher’s Directory. That change probably explains the fact that the interesting news items that were present in the older directory form no part of this one.

But we do have the list of householders – for Easterton

Some Easterton Householders

We have the householders, too, for Market Lavington.

Some Market Lavington Householder

And, as a bonus, we have householders for all of the parishes in and around Devizes.

There is also a telephone directory – some of those connected to the Lavington exchange are shown here.

Telephone subscribers

The Lavington exchange covered villages other than just the Lavingtons.

Like the older, 1954, directory, just one advert refers to a company in Market Lavington.

Birds and Bry Ash LTD advert in the 1966 directory

Birds and Bryer had taken on the former Davis coal business.

So once again we have a very useful guide for researchers. Obviously, the full document can be seen by visitors to the museum.

A 1954 Directory – Part 2

January 20, 2011

The 1954 directory, recently given to us by the Williams family of Easterton contains more than just lists of names. For starters there are period adverts although only one seems to refer to a Market Lavington business.

Advert for A S Wordley and Co from a 1954 directory at Market Lavington Museum

Wordleys had premises in the Market Place. When this area was redeveloped in the 1960s, the firm moved to occupy the area where Rochelle Court now stands. The company became Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering.

But back to the directory, which was published by the Wiltshire Gazette and contains little bits of information from the period covered.

Here are some entries which refer to our area.

February 19th 1953 – Death of Mr G E Crassweller, 96, oldest inhabitant of Market Lavington.

May 14th 1953 – Rev. J. S. Arthur (Vicar of Market Lavington and Easterton) announced that he had been appointed to the living at Beaminster, Dorset.

June 2nd 1953 – Devizes and surrounding villages celebrated the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

July 21st 1953 – Presentation of set of cutlery and dinner service to Mr E. J. Stowe, headmaster of Market Lavington School for 16 years to mark his retirement.

August 5th 1953 – Ninety-five year old George Dobson, Market Lavington’s oldest inhabitant, pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to driving his motor cycle without due care and attention and was ordered not to drive again.

November 20th 1953 – Rev. J. B. Collins inducted as Vicar of Easterton.

How lovely to have these snippet length reminders of almost 60 years ago. But this was the 89th edition of the Devizes and District Directory. Has any one got any earlier editions they could give to the museum?

A 1954 Directory

January 19, 2011

This blog has had items before that comment on how useful lists of names are when it comes to genealogy. For Market Lavington and Easterton there are the censuses from 1851 to 1911 available. Fiddington also has 1841 available for it was then in West Lavington. At the museum we have electoral rolls from 1837 for Market Lavington and Easterton (limited since so few people were electors) and from 1926 (Market Lavington only) and 1939 for Market Lavington and Easterton). This new directory, given to the museum by the Williams family of Easterton has lists of what might be called head of household for each parish – a useful post war list for us and for the many genealogists who visit the museum.

The directory was published by The Wiltshire Gazette.

1954 directory at Market Lavington Museum

It covers the whole of the Devizes area so includes all local parishes,

The lists of names give addresses.

A part of the Easterton list

Market Lavington name list in the directory

As can be seen, the lists are, handily, in alphabetical order and do go through from A to Z.

There is also a telephone directory within the book with a section for those areas which used the Lavington exchange.

Pink Pages for the phone directory

The Lavington exchange included other villages in the area. Pretty pink paper makes these phone pages very distinctive.

There’s more to come from this lovely book – so expect to see this featured again on this blog.