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A Music Box

December 11, 2015

We can be covetous at the Museum

It was back in 1973, a dozen years before the museum opened, that Peggy Gye ran an exhibition called Look Back at Lavington. It was held in the old school building and we have here a photo of a part of that exhibition.

Part of the 1973 'Look Back at Lavington' exhibition

Part of the 1973 ‘Look Back at Lavington’ exhibition

Some of the items here, we recognise and they are now a part of the museum collection. That includes the Hospital Week posters, the wooden board from Lavington Supply Stores and also photographs.

But the item we covet is that disc playing music box that is on the table.

A disc playing music box

A disc playing music box

What a fabulous item that is. It didn’t ever come to the museum. We wonder where it is now.

Music boxes like this were (and still are) wonderful machines. Like an old gramophone, this is a wind up device. It is powered by a clockwork motor which turned the disc slowly. The ‘chads’ made by making holes in the disc engaged with a tuned pin. And these produced the most wonderful, melodious tone. Obviously, they played tunes. There was no variation in tone and voices could not be reproduced on one of these. But many of us think the music produced is something of great beauty.

Well, Christmas is coming. If any lovely person would like to give us such a device, with local provenance only, of course, then I think we’d be utterly overwhelmed. We don’t really expect one. They have quite a big cash value these days. Not that cash value matters to us. We are only concerned that artefacts we have tell us something about our locality.