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Mr Pomeroy in the 1870s

March 14, 2016

The title for this piece may seem odd when we see the post card that introduces him.

High Street and Market Place - 20th century

High Street and Market Place – 20th century

This rather careworn card is very much mid-20th century. It clearly shows the Co-op on the left where we still find a Coop today. It also shows the Midland Bank across the other side of the Market Place.

A bank in 1938 but 65 years earlier it had been Mr Pomeroy's shop

A bank in 1938 but 65 years earlier it had been Mr Pomeroy’s shop

We know it was posted in 1938.


It was posted in Devizes and the date and time are clearly visible.

It is the message that introduces Mr Pomeroy into the story.


The section in question concerns that corner building.


This corner shop is a bank now but it was where father started with Mr Pomeroy about 65 years ago.

That takes us back to 1873. The 1871 census shows various Pomroys around the corner of High Street and Market Place,

Actually on Market Place was the widow Lydia Pomroy who was a retired linen draper’s wife. Around the corner on High Street there was Charles Draper and family. Charles was a linen draper. Also present is Edward Pomroy who was a partner in the drapery business.

Daniel Pomeroy, who was Edward and Charles’ father, had been running the drapery business since 1851 and maybe earlier.

By the way, the presence or not of a letter ‘e’ in Pomeroy seems to be down to chance!


A bill from Mr Pomroy

February 6, 2015

Charles Pomroy was a draper who operated from premises on High Street pretty well on the corner of the Market Place where the chemist’s shop now stands. He had been born in Market Lavington in 1829 but spent the early years of his married life in Sutton Benger. We believe he returned, with wife and family, to Market Lavington in the latter half of the 1860s. We can find him running his business in Market Lavington on the 1871 and 1881 censuses but by 1891 he had retired and was living in West Lavington.

We have a couple of bills from Mr Pomroy’s shop. We have seen one before (click here) and here is another sent to Mrs Gye, probably in the 1870s although a full date is not given.

An 1870s bill from Charles Pomroy of Market Lavington

An 1870s bill from Charles Pomroy of Market Lavington

Mrs Gye had clearly purchased a hat and a hair net. Other items could include blind cord, ruffle and something else connected with windows. We find Mr Pomroy’s writing hard to read. The total bill came to 18/10 (89p). This is in the region of £100 in terms of purchasing items but people were not so wealthy then. In terms of income somebody who earned that 18/10 in 1875 might well earn £600 today.

Times certainly change!

Freddy Chapman

April 25, 2014


For many years Freddy (sometimes Fred and sometimes Freddie and sometimes Frederick) Chapman was the manager of Walton’s store in the middle of Market Lavington.

Freddy Chapman of Market Lavington

Freddy Chapman of Market Lavington

Freddy, as we see here, was a dapper little man. We judge from his dress that his heart was in the men’s tailoring side of the business.

Freddy was born in 1889. His father, William, was a market gardener in the Fiddington area. Freddy’s mother, Ann Kyte, came from a family who had been Fiddington market gardeners back in the 1860s.

As a small boy, Freddy lived at Fiddington Clay but in 1898 his father died and in 1901 his widowed mother, with five boys and a daughter to bring up was a tailoress, living on Lavington Lane, just in West Lavington.

By 1911, mother Ann and four of the children were back in Market Lavington and living on High Street, Freddy was a clerk working for a draper – surely Mr Walton. We do, in fact, have a picture of a tiny Fred, outside Mr Walton’s shop in 1907. (Click here).

Our next formal record of Freddy is on the 1926 electoral roll. He was still living with his mother on Market Lavington’s High Street.

Frederick died locally in 1976


Charles Pomroy (1829 – 1905)

September 9, 2012

Charles Pomroy was born on 25th March 1829 in Market Lavington. His father was Daniel and his mother was Jane. Daniel was a draper – which Charles also became. The Pomroys were members of the Independent Chapel.

Yet again, we regret the lack of an 1841 census for Market Lavington. There is no census which shows Charles with his parents for in 1851 Charles was an assistant draper in the St Pauls area of London.

Charles married Mary Lewis Hoare in 1854. The marriage took place in Faringdon which was then a Berkshire district.

In 1861 Charles had his own drapery business in Sutton Benger. Two daughters had been born to the marriage.

By 1871 Charles had returned to his home – Market Lavington. He and Mary now had four daughters and a son. Charles’s brother, Edward, lived with them and was a partner in the drapery business.

An 1874 receipt signed by C Pomroy of Market Lavington

In 1881 the family remained on High Street in Market Lavington. A further son had been born.

By 1891 Charles and family had moved to Littleton Panell. Charles was still a draper and the family with him was quite an extended one with four generations all together.

Littleton Lodge was quieter in 1901. Charles and Mary were together with just a live in servant.

Charles obviously had a side-line as an insurance agent. A certificate shows he was the agent for a policy on the life of John Snook – renewed in 1904.

Insurance certificate signed by Charles Pomroy

Charles died in 1905.