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Kemmel Poolman takes a bride

April 27, 2016

Well, not really, for both Kemmel and his bride in this photo are little children.

Kemmel Poolman and Bess Gye in about 1925

Kemmel Poolman and Bess Gye in about 1925

Kemmel, obviously, is on our left and looks every bit the gentleman. He has been made up so well and clothed to perfection. Kemmel was born in 1918 so we place the photo at about 1925.

The caption on the back of the photo gives the bride as Bess. This would have been Bessie Gye – the same person as received the card of the shop in Easterton that we featured a couple of days ago.

Bess was born in 1917. She, too, has been beautifully dressed.

We don’t know the occasion but our best guess is that they were in fancy dress for a Hospital Week event.

What an utterly charming image.