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Easterton Evacuees

October 13, 2013

We were recently given a large number of Easterton Echoes – the newspaper for Easterton but our donor had not been a collector in the early days. However, Easterton Parish Council have loaned us their archive and good old Jim is working through the process of copying them.

We can now say that the very first issue was the May 1975 issue but here we are going to look at an article from the October 1975 issue – to give a flavour from 38 years ago this month.

Let’s see the efforts of Sheila Judge and her typewriter and there is a corrected transcript below.

Easterton Echo Issue 5 from October 1975

Easterton Echo Issue 5 from October 1975

Now here’s the transcript.


During the ‘last year several families of evacuees have revisited Easterton. They were billeted here during the Second World War.
Sidney Hamshere returned with his wife and family from Australia. He was staying with Mr & Mrs Hussey senior during the war. He called on Bill Hussey and myself and was very disappointed to see the old school gone.

Bill Emery who was billeted at the vicarage called with his wife & family from Germany.

Tony Emery and his wife and family paid a visit. Billeted with Mr & Mrs Davies, he now lives at Taunton.

Mr “Bobby” & Malcolm McGregor also returned. They called on Mrs Topp as they were billeted with Miss Etherington.

They all remembered the great competition to blow the church organ – for one shilling per week. All had happy memories of Easterton and hope to pay a return visit sometime.

Shirley & Mavis Allsop, billeted with Mrs Little at Cedar Farm, have again visited us.

Many in the village remember going to school with these evacuees.

Miss Windo.

How interesting to find information from the 1940s in this issue of ‘The Echo’ Our thanks to Miss Windo for gathering the information, and the Easterton parish Council for storing the record.

And of course, we’d love to hear from any of the people mentioned or, perhaps, their descendants.