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Butcher’s delivery

January 7, 2016

This is a still from a promotional film shot and edited by Peter Francis during the inter war years.

The film shows the full process – and we really mean full – of getting meat from farm to door. Much of it is far too graphic for present day sensibilities. We have a full copy at the museum, but certainly wouldn’t show it.

At this time the company was called Doubleday’s to become Doubleday and Francis. They occupied the butcher’s shop still operating as such – where the Douses now sell their top quality products.

Back in those days – some 80 or so years ago, Messrs Doubleday and Francis operated a pair of vans for meat delivery. It quite amuses many of us that supermarkets invented delivery a few years ago. It used to be the norm – certainly into the 1960s. Our curator tells us he had a holiday job when he was a student, which involved driving a van and selling meat. That was for quite a different butcher elsewhere in the country but just shows it was the norm. Here, from the film, is one of the Market Lavington vans.

Butcher's van in the snow in the 1930s

Butcher’s van in the snow in the 1930s

The weather was clearly bad with snow on the ground, but still the butcher got through, delivering his meat.

The photo quality is understandably poor. We do not know what it was originally shot on – probably the little 8mm film. It has been copied onto VHS video tape and then copied to a digital format. But it does give an idea of those 1930s days.

Film from Market Lavington on the BBC

May 9, 2012

This is very much Stop Pres News

Tonight at 7pm the One Show on BBC1 will be showing footage taken by Peter Francis – a man who has frequently featured in these pages.

Peter was an amateur film maker and amongst many films he took in and around the Lavingtons, there is one of the Forever Imber Rally of 1961.

It is this film – or extracts from it – that you can see on the TV this evening. You can read more about the rally and see stills from the film by clicking here.

Far from the Madding Crowd

August 19, 2011

When John Schlesinger was making his 1967 film of the Thomas Hardy novel, he chose Devizes to be the backdrop for some of the scenes. Local people were used as extras in the film and amongst them was our very own Percy Wilkins of Market Lavington.

You can click here to read about Percy’s life.

Back in 1967, the local papers were keen to show the locals along with the stars and two newspaper images, which we have at Market Lavington Museum, feature Percy.

Percy Wilkins is on the right in this newspaper photo of actors in 'Far From the Madding Crowd'..

So here we see one of the leading men in the film, Alan Bates, who played Gabriel Oak and with him are three people who played carters – Mr S Fielding, Mr M Tanner and our own Percy Wilkins.

Another shot shows Percy, seemingly getting an autograph of an actress. Maybe somebody could enlighten us at the museum by telling us who she is.

An actress signs an autograph for Percy Wilkins. The photo can be found at Market Lavington Museum.

These pictures have been kept in scrapbooks of news cuttings made by the local WI starting in the mid 1950s. Do ask to see them if you visit the museum.

Dating the posters

October 21, 2010

Film Shows in Market Lavington and Easterton

In Market Lavington Museum we have numerous posters for ‘Market Lavington and Easterton Hospital Week’ events. These tell us everything, except the year which was probably some time in the 1920s or 30s. They give the day and date for events – for example, ‘Wednesday 15th August’ but on average every seven years there is a Wednesday 15th August so that doesn’t help much.

A poster that mentions film shows in the village may help to sort out the years for many other posters. This is the poster. The original is best part a metre long.

Poster for 1928 film shows now in Market Lavington Museum


The big clue here is the lead film on Wednesday 15th August, which featured the child star, Jackie Coogan. The film, ‘Johnny get your hair cut’ was made in 1927. 1928 had a Wednesday 15th August so we bet on the poster being for film shows in that year.

‘Winners of the Wilderness’, shown on Friday 17th August was also a 1927 film, starring Tim McCoy and Joan Crawford.

1928 thus would appear to be the year for this poster.

In 2010, Trinity Church hires the Community Hall from time to time to give village folk a cinema experience in Market Lavington. As this poster shows it is not a new idea.